Resources for Photographers
As my work has developed over recent years, I've had more and more questions from up and coming photographers about how to start out, how to master certain techniques and what gear to get. 
Below you can see a list of resources I know offer to  help photographers and creatives like you. 
You can find me on YouTube where I share my journey with sports photography, give you tips and tricks and help you to become a better sports photographer. 
Check my channel out - Ben Lumley Photography
I've recently written an ebook aimed at helping you to take better sports images. In this short guide I talk about things like, What makes a great sports photo, Camera Modes, Focal Lengths, Making the most of access and Faster Editing.
Get my ebook here - Better Sports Photography
Udemy Course:
If you're interested in taking your sports photography to the next level and turning it into a side hustle or even a full time gig, my Udemy Course is the perfect launch pad. In this 60 minute course I go through the tools and strategies I used for running my sports photography business and guide you through what worked and what didn't so you can get a head start. 
If you want a quick editing fix for your images, I've bundled together the presets I use for my images over on Filtergrade.  
Check out my presets - Ben Lumley Presets
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